Seton Hill University - Baseball

Shu Stadium

The Seton Hill Baseball complex experienced a complete renovation during the summer of 2017, highlighted by a brand new artificial playing surface from Astroturf.  The new synthetic field replaced the original multi-purpose field that was installed in 2005.

In addition to the new surface, the dimensions of the field were altered allowing more foul territory, and a more symmetrical outfield (330 LF – 390 CF - 340 RF).   A few unique changes were made to the ballpark, which include a 16 ft. fence in left field, an artificial turf game mound, artificial turf bullpen areas, a wider 22 ft. high netting system backstop, and the addition of 26 chair back seats behind homeplate giving a ground level view for fans.  Two full length batting cages were also resurfaced with artificial turf as part of the renovation.

A small grandstand seats 100, with side bleachers seating an additional 50 spectators.  But perhaps the best views come from the sloping grass hills behind homeplate that lead up to the tailgate/parking area overlooking the entire ballfield.  The Griffins boast not only one of the best playing fields in the region, but one of the most fan friendly ballparks in all of Division II baseball.